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          Welcome to Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Co.,Ltd. Website!
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          ABOUT US
          Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Company locates qianzhou town where is nearly by lake Tai. Wuxi Changrong gets well developed: east is Xicheng expressway ,Yangtze Riverside expressway ,west is 312 National highway, Hu Ning expressway cross qianzhou town ( Yuqi exit is 1 kilo to Wuxi Changrong ).
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          Technical support and marketing network
          Wuxi Changrong has been engaged in development, design, manufacture of conveying equipment for various materials for more than thirty years. With a team engaged in professional design on all kinds of conveying equipment as well as a team of technical workers who are engaged in the production of various conveying equipments ,Wuxi Changrong always adhere the principle of “Accurately design, Exactly manufacturing ,Sincerely service and constantly perfecting “ for customers .

          Wuxi Changrong is the pointing manufacturer of China Chemical Industry Reconnaissance Design Association and one of the earliest enterprises in the field which passed ISO9001 Certification.Moreover ,Wuxi Changrong’s many products are qualified with CE certifications .
          Vertical Screw Conveyor
          Food bin, screw conveyor, food waste
          Screw conveyor in chemical industry
          Ribbon Spiral Conveyor
          Arch-breaker Machine
          double shafts screw conveyors
          Conveyors for Flavoring
          Rotor Diameter 400 mm
          More products
          Over the years, our company provides complete sets of material conveying equipment for
          many foreign-funded enterprises at home and abroad as well as domestic famous enterprises
          In China:North Sichuan Nitrocellulose Co., Ltd, Angel Yeast ,Sinopec, GEM Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Jiahua Group ,Huayou Cobalt, Haitian-Food, LEO KING ENVIRO.GROUP,ZIKE ENVIRONMENT, etc Finland:Denmark, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Czech Republic, Canada...
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          Customer site
          Wuxi Changrong export conveying equipments to Russia, Finland, Denmark, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Czech Republic, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago and other countries.
          Browse our products and corporate publicity videos online, and show the enterprise intensively and deeply, so as to promote the audience's understanding of the enterprise, enhance the sense of trust, and achieve the purpose of establishing a brand, improving the image and highlighting the culture, so as to bring business opportunities.
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          News Center
          Quickly convey the company's relevant news, media reports, cultural activities and other information, so as to timely grasp the required situation.
          About Us
          News Center
          Technical articles
          Company news
          Industry news
          Titanium screw conveyor
          Conveyors for Food Powder Industry
          Manual Bag Dump Station
          Screw Conveyor Series
          Screw Conveyor
          Bucket Elevator Series
          Snake Scraper chain conveyor series
          Snake chain bucket conveyor series
          Vibrating Conveyor Series
          Roller Type Conveyor Series
          Rosin Decanner
          Spiral loaders
          Screw Ribbon Mixer
          Material Separater Machine
          Arch-breaker Machine
          Valve Series
          press machine
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